Apache Kudu at Strata+Hadoop World NYC 2016

Posted 26 Sep 2016 by Todd Lipcon

This week in New York, O’Reilly and Cloudera will be hosting Strata+Hadoop World 2016. If you’re interested in Kudu, there will be several opportunities to learn more, both from the open source development team as well as some companies who are already adopting Kudu for their use cases. Here are some of the sessions to check out:

  • Powering real-time analytics on Xfinity using Kudu (Wednesday, 11:20am)

    Sridhar Alla and Kiran Muglurmath from Comcast will talk about how they’re using Kudu to store hundreds of billions of Set-Top Box (STB) events, performing analytics concurrently with real-time streaming ingest of thousands of events per second.

  • Creating real-time, data-centric applications with Impala and Kudu (Wednesday, 2:05pm)

    Marcel Kornacker and Todd Lipcon will introduce how Impala and Kudu together allow users to build real-time applications that support streaming ingest, random access updates and deletes, and high performance analytic SQL in a single system.

  • Streaming cybersecurity into Graph: Accelerating data into Datastax Graph and Blazegraph (Thursday, 1:15pm)

    Joshua Patterson, Michael Wendt, and Keith Kraus from Accenture Labs will discuss how they have built cybersecurity solutions using graph analytics on top of open source technology like Apache Kafka, Spark, and Flink. They will also touch on why Kudu is becoming an integral part of Accenture’s technology stack.

  • How GE analyzes billions of mission-critical events in real time using Apache Apex, Spark, and Kudu (Thursday, 2:05pm)

    Venkatesh Sivasubramanian and Luis Ramos from GE Digital will discuss how they collect and process real-time IoT data using Apache Apex and Apache Spark, and how they’ve been experimenting with Apache Kudu for time series data storage.

  • Apache Kudu: 1.0 and Beyond (Thursday, 4:35pm)

    Todd Lipcon from Cloudera will review the new features that were developed between Kudu 0.5 (the first public release one year ago) and Kudu 1.0, released just last week. Additionally, this talk will provide some insight into the upcoming project roadmap for the coming year.

Aside from these organized sessions, word has it that there will be various demos featuring Apache Kudu at the Cloudera and ZoomData vendor booths.

If you’re not attending the conference, but still based in NYC, all hope is not lost. Michael Crutcher from Cloudera will be presenting an introduction to Apache Kudu at the SQL NYC Meetup. Be sure to RSVP as spots are filling up fast.