Apache Kudu Committers and PMC Members

Following is a list of current Kudu committers and members of the Kudu PMC.

Username Name Role
abukor Attila Bukor PMC
achennaka Abhishek Chennaka PMC
adar Adar Dembo PMC
alexey Alexey Serbin PMC
awong Andrew Wong VP, PMC
bankim Bankim Bhavsar PMC
bchang Binglin Chang PMC
danburkert Dan Burkert PMC
dralves David Alves PMC
granthenke Grant Henke PMC
hahao Hao Hao PMC
helifu LiFu He PMC
jarcec Jarek Jarcec Cecho PMC
jdcryans Jean-Daniel Cryans PMC
jfarrell Jake Farrell PMC
jtbirdsell Jordan Birdsell PMC
julien Julien Le Dem PMC
laiyingchun Yingchun Lai PMC
mattmann Chris Mattmann PMC
misty Misty Linville PMC
mpercy Mike Percy PMC
sailesh Sailesh Mukil PMC
shenxingwuying Yuqi Du PMC
stack Michael Stack PMC
todd Todd Lipcon PMC
wdberkeley William Berkeley PMC
yaoxu Yao Xu PMC
yaozhang Yao Zhang PMC
zhangyifan Yifan Zhang PMC

Committership is a recognition of an individual’s contribution within the Apache Kudu community, including, but not limited to:

  • Writing quality code and tests
  • Writing documentation
  • Improving the website
  • Participating in code review (+1s are appreciated! Reviews help reduce the burden on other committers)
  • Voting on release candidates (non-binding votes are appreciated! Trying out release candidates helps expand test coverage in more environments)
  • Answering questions on public forums, like Slack, mailing lists, etc.
  • Participating in feature design discussions
  • Participating in Jira discussions
  • Evangelizing Kudu at conferences, meetups, etc.
  • Operating Kudu deployments, potentially testing bug fixes and features, and sharing feedback to the community
  • Sustained contribution to the Kudu project and community

While not all of these are required to become a committer, they are all taken into account when considering contributors for committership. There is no set number of commits required, set number of lines of code merged, or set number of questions answered that will automatically qualify someone for committership. The Kudu PMC will take note of contributors and periodically vote on them, based on past contributions and interactions with the community.

Committership is an acknowledgement from the Kudu PMC that a contributor has demonstrated solid judgement in their contributions, and demonstrated that they are thoughtful and collaborative when working on trickier contributions.

If PMC membership is also granted, committership comes with the privilege to vote on matters that affect the wider Kudu community, including merging code, moving forward on releases, and introducing new committers. Committership is intended for those who are interested in the project’s future and want to take a more active role in shaping it.

For more details about how the Apache Software Foundation defines contributors and committers, see the Apache Contributors page.