Apache Kudu (incubating) Documentation

Introducing Kudu

Get familiar with what sets Kudu apart.

Kudu Beta Release Notes

Find out what to expect in Kudu public beta releases, as well as known issues, workarounds, and limitations.

Getting Started With Kudu

Deploy a simple proof-of-concept Kudu cluster to try it out for yourself.

Installation Guide

Read about all the different options for installing Kudu.

Configuring Kudu

Find out how to customize your Kudu cluster.

Using Kudu with Apache Impala (incubating)

Learn about using Impala to create, query, and update your Kudu tables.

Administering Kudu

Keep Kudu running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Kudu

Find guidelines for solving problems with your Kudu cluster.

Developing Applications With Kudu

Get information about developing with the Kudu APIs and links to working example code.

Kudu Schema Design

Learn about designing Kudu table schemas.

Kudu Transaction Semantics

Information about transaction semantics in Kudu.

Contributing to Kudu

Get involved in the Kudu community.

Kudu Documentation Style Guide

Get familiar with the guidelines for documentation contributions to the Kudu project.

Kudu Configuration Reference

Find out about individual Kudu configuration options.