Kudu C++ client API
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kudu::client::KuduValue Class Reference

A constant cell value with a specific type. More...

#include <value.h>

Public Member Functions

KuduValueClone () const

Static Public Member Functions

static KuduValueCopyString (Slice s)
Builders from integral types.

Construct a KuduValue object from the given value of integral type.

[in]valThe value to build the KuduValue from.
A new KuduValue object.
static KuduValueFromInt (int64_t val)
static KuduValueFromFloat (float f)
static KuduValueFromDouble (double d)
static KuduValueFromBool (bool b)


class ComparisonPredicateData
class InListPredicateData
class KuduColumnSpec

Detailed Description

A constant cell value with a specific type.

Member Function Documentation

KuduValue* kudu::client::KuduValue::Clone ( ) const
A new identical KuduValue object.
static KuduValue* kudu::client::KuduValue::CopyString ( Slice  s)

Construct a KuduValue by copying the value of the given Slice.

[in]sThe slice to copy value from.
A new KuduValue object.

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