Kudu C++ client API
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kudu::client::KuduPartitionerBuilder Class Reference

Builder for Partitioner instances. More...

#include <client.h>

Public Member Functions

 KuduPartitionerBuilder (sp::shared_ptr< KuduTable > table)
KuduPartitionerBuilderSetBuildTimeout (MonoDelta timeout)
 Set the timeout used for building the Partitioner object.
Status Build (KuduPartitioner **partitioner)

Detailed Description

Builder for Partitioner instances.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

kudu::client::KuduPartitionerBuilder::KuduPartitionerBuilder ( sp::shared_ptr< KuduTable table)

Construct an instance of the class.

[in]tableThe table whose rows should be partitioned.

Member Function Documentation

Status kudu::client::KuduPartitionerBuilder::Build ( KuduPartitioner **  partitioner)

Create a KuduPartitioner object for the specified table.

This fetches all of the partitioning information up front if it is not already cached by the associated KuduClient object. Thus, it may time out or have an error if the Kudu master is not accessible.

[out]partitionerThe resulting KuduPartitioner instance; caller gets ownership.
If the KuduClient object associated with the table already has some partition information cached (e.g. due to the construction of other Partitioners, or due to normal read/write activity), the resulting Partitioner will make use of that cached information. This means that the resulting partitioner is not guaranteed to have up-to-date partition information in the case that there has been a recent change to the partitioning of the target table.

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