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kudu::client::KuduPartitioner Class Reference

#include <client.h>

Public Member Functions

int NumPartitions () const
Status PartitionRow (const KuduPartialRow &row, int *partition)


class KuduPartitionerBuilder

Detailed Description

A KuduPartitioner allows clients to determine the target partition of a row without actually performing a write. The set of partitions is eagerly fetched when the KuduPartitioner is constructed so that the actual partitioning step can be performed synchronously without any network trips.

Because this operates on a metadata snapshot retrieved at construction time, it will not reflect any metadata changes to the table that have occurred since its creation.
This class is not thread-safe.

Member Function Documentation

int kudu::client::KuduPartitioner::NumPartitions ( ) const

Return the number of partitions known by this partitioner. The partition indices returned by PartitionRow are guaranteed to be less than this value.

Status kudu::client::KuduPartitioner::PartitionRow ( const KuduPartialRow row,
int *  partition 

Determine the partition index that the given row falls into.

[in]rowThe row to be partitioned.
[out]partitionThe resulting partition index, or -1 if the row falls into a non-covered range. The result will be less than NumPartitioons().
Status OK if successful. May return a bad Status if the provided row does not have all columns of the partition key set.

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