Todo List

Group Getters to expose column schema information.

Expose default column value and attributes?

Class kudu::client::KuduClient
Cluster administration functions are likely to be in this class as well.

Member kudu::client::KuduClient::OpenTable (const std::string &table_name, sp::shared_ptr< KuduTable > *table)

Should we offer an async version of this as well?

Probably should have a configurable timeout in KuduClientBuilder?

Member kudu::client::KuduColumnSchema::KuduColumnSchema (const std::string &name, DataType type, bool is_nullable=false, const void *default_value=NULL, KuduColumnStorageAttributes attributes=KuduColumnStorageAttributes())

KUDU-809: make this hard-to-use constructor private. Clients should use the Builder API. Currently only the Python API uses this old API.

Class kudu::client::KuduColumnSpec
KUDU-861: this API will also be used for an improved AlterTable API.

Member kudu::client::KuduColumnSpec::BlockSize (int32_t block_size)

KUDU-1107: move above info to docs

Member kudu::client::KuduColumnStorageAttributes::KuduColumnStorageAttributes (EncodingType encoding=AUTO_ENCODING, CompressionType compression=DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, int32_t block_size=0)

Make this constructor private.

Member kudu::client::KuduScanner::SetSelection (KuduClient::ReplicaSelection selection) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT
Kill this method in favor of a consistency-level-based API.

Member kudu::client::KuduScanTokenBuilder::SetSelection (KuduClient::ReplicaSelection selection) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT
Kill this in favor of a consistency-level-based API.

Member kudu::client::KuduSchema::Reset (const std::vector< KuduColumnSchema > &columns, int key_columns) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT

Remove KuduSchema::Reset().

Member kudu::client::KuduSession::Apply (KuduWriteOperation *write_op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT
Add "doAs" ability here for proxy servers to be able to act on behalf of other users, assuming access rights.

Member kudu::client::KuduSession::AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND
Provide an API for the user to specify a callback to do their own error reporting.

Member kudu::client::KuduSession::HasPendingOperations () const
Maybe "incomplete" or "undelivered" is clearer?

Member kudu::client::KuduTableCreator::table_name (const std::string &name)
Should name of the table be a constructor's parameter instead?
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