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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
kudu::internal_logging::CerrLogA helper for stderr log sink
kudu::Slice::ComparatorComparator struct, useful for ordered collections (like STL maps)
kudu::client::KuduClientA handle for a connection to a cluster
kudu::client::KuduClientBuilderA "factory" for KuduClient objects
kudu::client::KuduColumnSchemaRepresentation of the column schema
kudu::client::KuduColumnSpecBuilder API for specifying or altering a column within a table schema
kudu::client::KuduColumnStorageAttributesRepresentation of column storage attributes
kudu::client::KuduDeleteA single row delete to be sent to the cluster
kudu::client::KuduErrorThis class represents an error which occurred in a write operation
kudu::client::KuduInsertA single row insert to be sent to the cluster
kudu::client::KuduLoggingCallbackThe interface for all logging callbacks
kudu::client::KuduLoggingFunctionCallback< T >The logging callback that invokes a function by pointer with a single argument
kudu::client::KuduLoggingMemberCallback< T >The logging callback that invokes a member function of an object
kudu::KuduPartialRowA row which may only contain values for a subset of the columns
kudu::client::KuduPredicateA representation of comparison predicate for Kudu queries
kudu::client::KuduReplicaIn-memory representation of a remote tablet's replica
kudu::client::KuduScanBatchA batch of zero or more rows returned by a scan operation
kudu::client::KuduScannerThis class is a representation of a single scan
kudu::client::KuduScanTokenA scan descriptor limited to a single physical contiguous location
kudu::client::KuduScanTokenBuilderBuilds scan tokens for a table
kudu::client::KuduSchemaA representation of a table's schema
kudu::client::KuduSchemaBuilderBuilder API for constructing a KuduSchema object
kudu::client::KuduSessionRepresentation of a Kudu client session
kudu::client::KuduStatusCallbackThe interface for all status callbacks
kudu::client::KuduStatusFunctionCallback< T >The status callback that invokes a function by pointer with a single argument
kudu::client::KuduStatusMemberCallback< T >The status callback that invokes a member function of an object
kudu::client::KuduTableA representation of a table on a particular cluster
kudu::client::KuduTableAltererAlters an existing table based on the provided steps
kudu::client::KuduTableCreatorA helper class to create a new table with the desired options
kudu::client::KuduTabletIn-memory representation of a remote tablet
kudu::client::KuduTabletServerIn-memory representation of a remote tablet server
kudu::client::KuduUpdateA single row update to be sent to the cluster
kudu::client::KuduUpsertA single row upsert to be sent to the cluster
kudu::client::KuduValueA constant cell value with a specific type
kudu::client::KuduWriteOperationA single-row write operation to be sent to a Kudu table
kudu::MonoDeltaA representation of a time interval
kudu::MonoTimeRepresentation of a particular point in time
kudu::internal_logging::NullLogA helper for the nil log sink
kudu::client::ResourceMetricsA generic catalog of simple metrics
kudu::SliceA wrapper around externally allocated data
kudu::SliceMap< T >STL map whose keys are Slices
kudu::StatusA representation of an operation's outcome
StubsCompileAssert< bool >
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