Kudu C++ client API
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kudu::client::KuduLoggingCallback Class Referenceabstract

The interface for all logging callbacks. More...

#include <callbacks.h>

Inheritance diagram for kudu::client::KuduLoggingCallback:
kudu::client::KuduLoggingFunctionCallback< T > kudu::client::KuduLoggingMemberCallback< T > kudu::client::KuduLoggingFunctionCallback< void * >

Public Member Functions

virtual void Run (KuduLogSeverity severity, const char *filename, int line_number, const struct::tm *time, const char *message, size_t message_len)=0

Detailed Description

The interface for all logging callbacks.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void kudu::client::KuduLoggingCallback::Run ( KuduLogSeverity  severity,
const char *  filename,
int  line_number,
const struct::tm *  time,
const char *  message,
size_t  message_len 
pure virtual

Log the message.

The message is NOT terminated with an endline.
[in]severitySeverity of the log message.
[in]filenameThe name of the source file the message is originated from.
[in]line_numberThe line of the source file the message is originated from.
[in]timeThe absolute time when the log event was generated.
[in]messageThe message to log. It's not terminated with an endline.
[in]message_lenNumber of characters in the message.

Implemented in kudu::client::KuduLoggingFunctionCallback< T >, kudu::client::KuduLoggingFunctionCallback< void * >, and kudu::client::KuduLoggingMemberCallback< T >.

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