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kudu::client::KuduError Class Reference

This class represents an error which occurred in a write operation. More...

#include <client.h>

Public Member Functions

const Statusstatus () const
const KuduWriteOperationfailed_op () const
KuduWriteOperationrelease_failed_op ()
bool was_possibly_successful () const


class internal::Batcher
class KuduSession

Detailed Description

This class represents an error which occurred in a write operation.

Using an instance of this class, it is possible to track error details such as the operation which caused the error, along with whatever the actual error was.

Member Function Documentation

const KuduWriteOperation& kudu::client::KuduError::failed_op ( ) const
The operation which failed.
KuduWriteOperation* kudu::client::KuduError::release_failed_op ( )

Release the operation that failed.

This method must be called only once on an instance of the KuduError class.

Raw pointer to write operation object. The caller takes ownership of the returned object.
const Status& kudu::client::KuduError::status ( ) const
The actual error which occurred.
bool kudu::client::KuduError::was_possibly_successful ( ) const

Check if there is a chance that the requested operation was successful.

In some cases, it is possible that the server did receive and successfully perform the requested operation, but the client can't tell whether or not it was successful. For example, if the call times out, the server may still succeed in processing at a later time.

This function returns true if there is some chance that the server did process the operation, and false if it can guarantee that the operation did not succeed.

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