Kudu C++ client API
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kudu::Slice Member List

This is the complete list of members for kudu::Slice, including all inherited members.

check_size(size_t expected_size) const kudu::Slice
compare(const Slice &b) const kudu::Sliceinline
data() const kudu::Sliceinline
empty() const kudu::Sliceinline
operator==(const Slice &x, const Slice &y)kudu::Slicefriend
operator[](size_t n) const kudu::Sliceinline
relocate(uint8_t *d)kudu::Sliceinline
remove_prefix(size_t n)kudu::Sliceinline
size() const kudu::Sliceinline
Slice(const uint8_t *d, size_t n)kudu::Sliceinline
Slice(const char *d, size_t n)kudu::Sliceinline
Slice(const std::string &s)kudu::Sliceinline
Slice(const char *s)kudu::Sliceinline
starts_with(const Slice &x) const kudu::Sliceinline
ToDebugString(size_t max_len=0) const kudu::Slice
ToString() const kudu::Slice
truncate(size_t n)kudu::Sliceinline