Apache Kudu Weekly Update August 8th, 2016

Posted 08 Aug 2016 by Todd Lipcon

Welcome to the nineteenth edition of the Kudu Weekly Update. This weekly blog post covers ongoing development and news in the Apache Kudu project.

Development discussions and code in progress

  • After a couple months of work, Dan Burkert finished adding add/remove range partition support in the C++ client and in the master.

    Dan also posted a patch for review which adds support for this feature to the Java client. Dan is expecting that this will be finished in time for the upcoming Kudu 0.10.0 release.

    Misty Stanley-Jones started working on documentation for this feature. Readers of this blog are encouraged to check out the docs and provide feedback!

  • Adar Dembo also completed fixing most of the issues related to high availability using multiple Kudu master processes. The upcoming Kudu 0.10.0 release will support running multiple masters and transparently handling a transient failure of any master process.

    Although multi-master should now be stable, some work remains in this area. Namely, Adar is working on a design for handling permanent failure of a machine hosting a master. In this case, the administrator will need to use some new tools to create a new master replica by copying data from an existing one.

  • Todd Lipcon started a discussion on the dev mailing list about renaming the Kudu feature which creates new replicas of tablets after they become under-replicated. Since its initial introduction, this feature was called “remote bootstrap”, but Todd pointed out that this naming caused some confusion with the other “bootstrap” term used to describe the process by which a tablet loads itself at startup.

    The discussion concluded with an agreement to rename the process to “Tablet Copy”. Todd provided patches to perform this rename, which were committed at the end of the week last week.

  • Congratulations to Attila Bukor for his first commit to Kudu! Attila fixed an error in the quick-start documentation.

News and articles from around the web

  • The New Stack published an introductory article about Kudu. The article was based on a recent interview with Todd Lipcon and covers topics such as the origin of the name “Kudu”, where Kudu fits into the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, and goals for the upcoming 1.0 release.

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